Improve Your Home Energy Efficiency

Improve Your Home Energy Efficiency

This program is ending soon! Schedule your free assessment by September 25.

Johnson County Public Library invites you to participate in Energizing Indiana, a program that provides home energy assessments and installation of energy-efficient light bulbs, sink aerators and shower heads in the homes of participants - all at no cost to you.

If you are a customer of one of the participating utility providers, you may schedule a home energy assessment today. In addition to the installation of energy-saving measures, you will be provided with a comprehensive report recommending other energy-saving measures you can take that may lower your energy bills, increase your home air quality, and enhance your home's value.

In addition to all these benefits, Johnson County Public Library will receive $25.00 for everyone who schedules and completes a home energy assessment through one of our branches or our website. Funds received from this program will go towards enhancing library programming and services.

So schedule your home energy assessment today - make your home more comfortable and help the library at the same time.

To schedule a home energy assessment, click here or visit any JCPL branch to obtain a paper form.