Adult Learning Center - BabyTALK

Adult Learning Center - BabyTALK

BabyTALK (Teaching Activities for Learning and Knowledge) is a community model, originating out of Decatur, Illinois in 1986. BabyTALK serves families with children from birth to age three, providing information, encouragement, children's books, and activities. The goal is to positively impact child development and nurture healthy parent-child relationships during the critical years.

BabyTALK is represented in more than 32 states nationally and has over 65,000 contacts per year with parents and children. Our organization works alongside parents during this critical time to empower and encourage them as caregivers and provides direct and innovative services to all families (regardless of race or socioeconomic status).

What we do in Johnson County…

Hospital Obstetric Units: BabyTALK volunteers meet every family at Johnson Memorial Hospital six days each week following the birth of their babies. We spend time celebrating the birth, sharing information about available services, and talking about typical newborn behavior and issues. We give each family a number of materials, including a board book, a book for parents, a welcome letter from Johnson County Public Library, a handout about newborns, and a registration sheet. Two months later, families receive the first in a cycle of developmental newsletters tailored to each of the milestone ages between birth and age three.

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