Adult Learning Center - Become an ALC Tutor

Adult Learning Center - Become an ALC Tutor

Tutors for the ALC play a key part in our mission. If you are interested in volunteering as a tutor, please read the following tutor description and fill out the brief inquiry form below.

Purpose: To help adult learners gain literacy and/or English language skills.

Training: A three-hour orientation session is required. In-service training sessions will be made available but are not required ó only encouraged.

Place of Work: Preferably one of the Johnson County Public Library branches or the Greenwood Public Library. Otherwise any quiet, public location such as a church.

Duration of work: The minimum is one hour per week. Please be advised that students will make faster progress if meetings are more frequent.

Qualifications: Tutors must beÖ

  1. 18 years or older
  2. Flexible, dependable, and prompt
  3. Interested in and enjoy relating to a variety of people
  4. Willing to maintain the confidentiality of the lessons
  5. Literate in the English language (although professional training is not necessary).


  1. Provide encouragement and help to your student by:
    • Helping your student develop confidence and a desire to learn by acknowledging and affirming his/her thinking and progress.
    • Showing respect for your studentís needs and wants by listening to him/her and involving him/her in the decision making process.
    • Selecting materials and techniques that fulfill your studentís needs and build on their learning strengths and are appropriate to their age and skill level.
    • Supporting your student through difficult material or tasks and not being critical of his/her mistakes.
    • Being open to learning and understanding your studentís life and the obstacles that he/she may be facing physically, socially, and psychologically.
    • Meeting regularly and punctually.
  2. Come to each lesson prepared with lessons designed for your studentís individual needs and current abilities.
  3. Be consistent about reviewing your studentís independent work with him/her.
  4. Keep records of your studentís progress by commenting on your monthly report form.
  5. Turn in a monthly report form to the Adult Learning Center. Keep the ALC staff abreast of any changes in schedule, location, or contact information for you and your student.

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