At JCPL, we make every effort to help and encourage homeschool families. Librarians can guide you towards resources to support your homeschool curriculum. Programs, materials, and space to do schoolwork are just a few options available at your local branch.

The following websites can direct homeschool families to group support and other information:

Homeschooling Requirements
Indiana requires you to provide 180 days of education equivalent to that offered in public school. Equivalency can and may show itself:

  • in the course offerings and school subjects
  • time spent in courses or subject areas
  • skill development
  • hands-on interaction with teacher
  • incremental, daily lessons (4 days for alternate schedule or 5 day traditional schedule)

How to Get Started with Homeschooling:

  • Explore the library collection - JCPL has a wide variety of titles on homeschool education.
  • Learn the Indiana state standards, available on the Indiana Department of Education's Homeschool Information page. You can review state law and learn best practices. The standards are designed to be a guide for your educational program. They are not designed to be a curriculum in and of itself.
  • Research teaching and educational styles - To understand schooling styles, see the introductory chapters in 100 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum by Cathy Duffy and The Well-Trained Mind: A Guide to Classical Education at Home by Susan Bauer and Jessie Wise. Schooling styles play a huge role in curriculum choices and guides your selection process.
  • Connect with local support groups and co-ops - Get support from those in your local community, such as the Indiana Association of Home Educators. The Home School Legal Defense Association can provide information and support.
  • Practice absolute commitment - Though it may feel like several months before you become settled and confident, successful home schooling starts with absolute commitment and the continual desire to learn more about schooling styles, methods, and practical tips for success.

Learn More about Homeschooling @ Your Library:
Learn more about curriculum, scheduling & record-keeping through the library. Since each family is different, we suggest you “book a librarian” for an hour appointment to cover your questions and resource needs. Contact Laura Harris at the Trafalgar Branch (878-9560.) Also, JCPL offers recurring workshops on specific homeschool topics at various locations. Check the online calendar of events for dates and times that these workshops are being offered. Workshop topics include:

  • Homeschool 101 – General introduction to homeschool
  • Styles of Education – overview of Classical Education, Charlotte Mason, and Textbook Education.
  • Customized Suggestions – Does your child have some unique needs? Not sure where to start for your specific children? We pool the library resources and available publishers to provide further ideas to get you started.
  • Evaluating Curriculum – includes looking at subject needs and skill development.
  • Classical Education – What is it and why is it so popular?
  • Math Anxiety – Need to learn about math programs available? Discussion starts with differences in teaching approaches to help you make selections.
  • Phonics – Covers the two main streams of thought in teaching reading, looks at differences, and how it affects your curriculum choices.
  • Top Picks –Still need ideas and suggestions? Come see some top picks for Preschool to High School.
  • Core 40 and Equivalency – Although you are not required to show curriculum to the state as part of our homeschool law, state colleges are now mandated to have proof of equivalency to Core 40 during the college application process. This session discusses how you can meet these needs as well as your own graduation requirements.
  • Recordkeeping – Recordkeeping starts now! From grade school to high school, you will need to keep faithful and consistent records of school activities.
  • Wiggle Worm Woes! – Do you have a young child who is resistant? Hates school? Hates reading? Don’t wait another day -- remedy the tears and start your child back on the "I love to learn" path.