Find Your Next Great Read, Tune, Flick

Have you discovered yet?

That's the new website for your Johnson County Public Library. This new site has all sorts of amazing features. Today, we wanted to share 5 great things about finding your next great book, music or movie: 

1. Sign up for "BookLetters".

Let the new site work on your behalf. Choose your favorite categories, and you will  receive an email of new titles when they become available.

2. Peruse titles on your time.

Is your favorite Johnson County Public Library branch not open right now? You can easily scroll through all sorts of book, movie and music titles.

3. Whet your musical palate.

Classical or Hip Hop? Doesn't matter your taste. We have more than 8,500 titles available in the music library. Create your own playlist.

4. Get it from anywhere.

If you can't find a book, song or movie in the JCPL system, it's no problem. You can order materials through Interlibrary Loan.

5. Borrow it. Don't rent it.

We have 12,700+ movies, TV series and documentaries for all ages in our DVD collection.

Watch for more detailed information from us in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, click and Discover