Experience a new library website

Have you discovered PageAfterPage.org yet?

That's the new website for your Johnson County Public Library.

Many hours of planning went into the new site. Our research started with you -- library patrons who use and depend on the Internet as part of your library experience. You gave us lots of great ideas.

In the coming weeks, we will point out the features of PageAfterPage.org. Today, we wanted to share 5 great things you will discover on your first visit:

1. It is user-friendly.

You said you wanted the search feature more visible and the navigation simpler. We also reorganized and renamed the sections.

2. It easily adapts to your device.

More than 60 percent of people use their mobile devices to access the Internet. This site automatically reformats to home computers, tablets and cell phones.

3. It has a cool design.

We updated the look and feel, and got rid of the clutter

4. It saves you a trip.

You can manage your library account, download eBooks, sign up for a program or class and book one of our community rooms -- all online.

5. It has answers for just about anything.

Whether you are doing homework or working from home, you can access a remarkable number of databases and electronic resources.

Watch for more detailed information from us in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, click and Discover PageAfterPage.org.