Book Buddies

Book Buddies

Share the Fun of Reading!






Become a Book Buddy - Earn Summer Reading minutes and volunteer hours by reading to younger kids in the library!

Book Buddies should be experienced readers in the 6th grade or above that enjoy interacting with children from K to 5th grade.

Download and print the application here. Return by email or to any JCPL location.


  1. Drop by the library during regular hours (mid-morning or afternoon is best) and let one of the Children's Services librarians know you are available to read for 15 or 30 minutes to children who are currently in the library. The librarian will make an announcement so parents will know you are offering to read.
  2. Choose a few interesting/fun picture or small chapter books that you will enjoy reading. Ask a librarian if you need help choosing age-appropriate titles.
  3. Find a quiet/comfortable corner in the Children's area and introduce yourself to those children who would like to be read to.
  4. Remember to smile and be enthusiastic!
  5. State the title and author so the children will remember the book.
  6. If you are reading to only one or two children, let them sit next to you so they can view the illustrations and touch the book if they'd like.
  7. If you are reading to several children at a time, have them sit in a semi-circle around you and hold the book with one hand to your side, as you will use your other hand to turn the page and make gestures as needed. Make sure all the children have time to see the words and pictures on each page.
  8. Read in a clear, loud, and expressive manner; try to use different voices for different characters so they listen to every word!
  9. Allow them to ask questions or make comments as you go along.
  10. After you are finished reading, congratulate the children for being good listeners/readers and for earning Summer Reading minutes!
  11. Make sure you and/or the parents record those minutes on the children's Reading Logs.
  12. You are responsible for keeping track of your volunteer time (Honor Society credit hours, etc.)

For more information, contact Erin Kirchhoff by email ( or phone (885-1330).