Snuggle Up with a Book Ball

The Johnson County Public Library Foundation requests the pleasure of your participation in our first Snuggle Up with a Book Ball!  
The coziest non-event fundraiser benefiting the Johnson County Public Library’s Authors at JCPL series.

 Attend our un-event from the comfort of your own home.

Sat / Jan. 25 / All Day

Door Prizes Announced on Facebook

Drop off a cash or check donation at one of our branches! You can also call 317-738-9835 to make your gift over the phone, or mail it to the JCPL Foundation at 49 E. Monroe Street, Franklin, IN 46131.


Anytime and for as long as you wish to celebrate on Saturday, January 25, 2020.


Wherever you are - wrapped up in a quilt by a fireplace, on your sofa with your cat, at the library, in a coffee shop or anywhere your book leads you!


Grab a book (or several) and read! Support the Authors at JCPL series to continue to bring award-winning, New York Times best-selling authors to Johnson County by donating what you would have spent on a fancy gala! Share your love for JCPL on Facebook or Instagram and tell us what you will be reading – remember to include the hashtag #JCPLBookBall or #SnuggleUpBookBall. Join us from noon to 8 p.m. on Facebook for special prizes for donors!


Black tie, pajamas, evening gowns, pajamas, regency era costumes, pajamas, pajamas or pajamas.


A proper mug of tea and shortbread, hot cocoa and buttered toast, Cabernet Sauvignon and extra sharp cheddar cheese, cappuccino and a glazed cake doughnut or cherry-coke with hot Cheetos – anything goes!


While Snuggle Up with a Book Ball is a perfect activity for one, feel free to invite your loved ones, family, friends, children, your book club members, cats, dogs – all are welcome!



Ann Alexander

Sara, Dan, Tristan & Tinsley Alsop

Cindy Baxter

Gretchen Beaman 

Jane Bingham 

Melanie & Glen Bishop 

Michelle Brzycki 

Ratina Burkhead

Erin Cataldi

Heather Devin & Evie Clawson

Susan & Nick Crisafulli 

Jan Cryder

Carol Davis

Caleb Drake 

Elyssa Everling

Brenda Ferguson

Andrea & Ben Fisher

Jan & Eric Fredbeck 

Kimberly & Paul Hoffman

Jennifer Hollingshead

Todd Jones

Holly Kincaid

Sara & Charlotte Kinder

Holly Kubancsek

Jackie McNeelan

Nancy Leffler

Tiffany Ludlow 

Deborah Miller

Sarah Nathan & Madison Gilly

Jennifer & Lulu Parker

Cindee Phillips

Jamie Poynter

Rakow Family

Kathleen & Andrew Ratcliff

Judith Reid

Cindy Roberts

Chrissy Robertson

Andrea Robinson 

Betsy Schmidt

Marti & Brad Schrock

Judi Seel

Les Seel

Darlene Sipes

Kelly Staten

Brenda Stone

Darcy Stricker 

Sarah Taylor

Angela Teed 

Marilyn Thompson

Susan & Dave Thompson 

Kathy Tjarks 

Rachel and Connor Tonte

Nathaniel Uhl

Jennifer Vance & Family

Annemarie Wallace 

Lauren Weddle

April & David Windisch

Eleanor Windisch


Kirk & Cheryl Bixler 

Diane Black

Cheryl DiPietro 

Cecelia (Dianne) Heid 

Davin & Christina Kolderup

Lisa Lintner & Nick Valenzuela

Traci O'Rourke

Susan & David Roberts

Mary & Laura Rogers

Gigi Shook

Tandy Shuck & Michael Waddick

Kate & Greg Taylor

Turner Family


Nancy & Dennis Patton