Automatic Renewal 

How automatic renewal works:

  • Eligible items checked out on your account will automatically renew up to four times.
  • Items NOT eligible for automatic renewal: Lucky 7 items, Mobile Hot Spots, Museum/Experience Passes, Interlibrary Loan items, items that have reached their renewal limit and any item on hold for another cardholder.
  • Digital collection items (e-books, digital audiobooks, streaming movies and music) are not affected by this change and continue to return automatically without renewing automatically.
  • One day before the due date, eligible items will automatically renew.
  • Cardholders who have email or text notifications will receive a notice of which items were automatically renewed, and which were not.
  • Cardholders can sign up for email or text notifications by asking a staff member in person at any library location, by phone during open hours and by contacting us.
  • Cardholders can always check due dates for all items using the “My Account” tab on our website or calling any JCPL Branch and speaking to a staff member.

*If you would like to opt out of automatic renewal, please speak to a circulation staff member*

More time, more peace of mind

This new service is part of JCPL’s Strategic Plan to assist the busy lives of our patrons and reduce stress related to returning multiple items with different due dates. You still can access your account and self-renew items up to the day before they are due.