• What is my PIN?

    Your PIN (personal identification number) is preset as the last four digits of your library card number. You may change your PIN in My Account by clicking on the User PIN Change link. If you forget your PIN or need to reset it, please contact your library branch via phone, email, text message (317-900-4542) or using our live chat service.

  • How do I access my account online?

    Patrons may review and renew their materials and place holds online by clicking on the My Account button in the upper right hand corner of the page. From the My Account page, you will have several options. You will be prompted for your ID number, which is the entire 14-digit number on the back of your library card (with no spaces). Your initial PIN is the last 4 digits of your library card.

    JCPL highly recommends that you change your PIN to something only you would know.

  • How do I place an item on hold?

    If you need an item that is checked out to another patron, you can place a hold on it. When your requested item is returned to the library, it is placed on a special shelf, and the library notifies you to pick it up. If you need an item that is on the shelf at a different library branch, you can place a hold on it and it will be transferred to your preferred branch.

    To place holds:
    • Click Place Hold on the details section from your Search Results.
    • The Submit Hold window will appear, and you will be prompted to log in if you have not previously done so.
    • If available, select a library where you would like to pick up the item.
    • Type an Expiration Date if you want to tell the library that you will not need the item after this date.
    • Click Submit Hold to place the hold, or click Clear Search to start over.

    If you have supplied the library with your email address or cell phone number, you will be notified your item is ready for pickup via email or text message. Otherwise, you will receive a notification through the postal service. You have seven days to pick up your item. 

  • How much does it cost to photocopy or print?

    Letter (8 1/2" x 11") and legal (8 1/2" x 14") B&W copies are 10 cents
    Letter (8 1/2" x 11") and legal (8 1/2" x 14") Color copies are 25 cents

    Tabloid (11" x 17") B&W copies are 20 cents
    Tabloid (11" x 17") Color copies are 50 cents

  • Do you accept donations of books and other materials?

    The Johnson County Public Library is happy to receive your donations. Most donated materials are used for the Friends of the Library book sales. Proceeds allow the Friends of JCPL to fund library programs. You may drop off donations at any JCPL location during normal business hours. If you have a large donation, deliver materials to the Franklin Branch, 401 State St., Franklin, if possible.

    Upon request, a receipt acknowledging your donation can be provided at the time of the donation. JCPL is unable to provide valuations or appraisals of any items donated.

    We Accept:

    • Books and other items in good condition, clean, dry and mold-free
    • Commercially recorded items: music CDs, audio book CDs, movies on DVD and Blu-ray
    • Puzzles and games
    • Vinyl records

    Sorry, We Cannot Accept:

    • Items which are unhealthy to handle or dirty, moldy, smelly, burnt, chewed or damp
    • Magazines of any type
    • Readers' Digest Condensed Books
    • School textbooks or encyclopedia sets more than five years old
    • VHS tapes
    • Law or legal books
    • Music cassettes
    • Items with original covers torn off
    • Computer software
    • Items marked "Galley Proof," "Not For Sale," or "Advance Reading Copy"
  • What if I forget my library card?

    You can usually check out by presenting a picture ID. You MUST have either your picture ID or your library card in order to check out. To speed up the check out process, JCPL strongly suggests that you bring in your library card.

  • How can I obtain a library card?

    To obtain a library card, apply in person at the library or Apply Online
    Applicants age 18 and over must show proof of current address and photo ID. For identification purposes, the library accepts an Indiana Driver's License or ID, utility or phone bill, personalized check, or any mail that is no more than 30 days old.  Library cards are non-transferable. Library cards can only be used by the applicant.

  • Does JCPL provide proctoring services?

    The Johnson County Public Library is happy to facilitate your education by providing a no-charge Proctoring Service at our branch locations. Please note the following guidelines:

    Student Responsibilities:
    • Contact the Adult Reference Desk to schedule a proctoring appointment during regular branch hours 
    • It is the responsibility of the student to call and arrange a time to take the test. We recommend that students call before coming to the library to make sure the exam is available
    • Verify that the testing institution will accept all library proctoring policies/procedures
    • Verify that public computer software and browser(s) are compatible with exam specifications
    • Provide photo identification upon arriving
    • Bring necessary supplies to take the examination
    • Provide a postage paid envelope if the exam is to be mailed back
    • Pay for any copies/printouts needed

    Library Provides:

    • Photo ID verification
    • The staff member who is on the Reference Desk at the time the student takes the test will serve as proctor* (JCPL does not guarantee constant supervision of student)
    • Space within the library for student to take the exam* (JCPL does not guarantee a quiet study/testing area)
    • Access to public computer if needed, as well as outlets/charging stations for laptops owned by students
    • Staff will submit electronic confirmation that the exam was completed and/or send completed exam to the school via postal mail, email, or fax
    • Exam materials and/or copies of completed exams will be kept on file for no more than 3 months, after which they will be either returned to the institution or shredded  

    *Vincennes University students--please contact your Learning Unlimited Coach to coordinate proctoring services at the library:

    Sylvia Thomas
    Learning Unlimited Coach
    Johnson County


  • Do you provide Homebound Services?

    Homebound Services was established as a way to provide materials and/or information to individuals in our taxing district who cannot physically access the library due to physical disability, extended illness or extreme transportation problems.

    Services available:

    • Materials loaned – books, magazines, audio books, movies, and music.
    • Reference service by telephone – as standard for all patrons
    • Interlibrary Loan – as standard for all patrons

    Length of loan – 3 weeks (not including delivery and pickup time)
    No charge for delivery and pickup
    Methods of delivery and pickup vary according to location and availability of services.

    Learn more about our JCPL-to-Your-Door service

    The Talking Book Service & Braille Collection for Blind and Physically Handicapped is available through the Indiana State Library

  • Does JCPL have a video converter?

    JCPL now offers a video/VHS converter at all of our branches. Instructions can be found here

    Scheduling Use

    • Equipment is available at the Clark Pleasant, Franklin, Trafalgar and White River locations during open hours. 
    • Equipment may be booked at any JCPL reference desk or call your local branch to reserve time. Transfers occur in real time, so the amount of time required will depend on the length of the tape.
    • If no one has reserved the equipment it is available on a first come, first serve basis.
    • Due to the time involved in converting VHS tapes, there is no limit on length of session unless the equipment has been booked.

    Use of Equipment

    • Individuals using the equipment must bring their own DVD-R or USB drive for transfer of files. Files will be deleted from the computer after use. 120 minutes of video requires approximately 2.1 GB of disc space.
    • JCPL assumes no responsibility for damage to or guarantee of success in the transfer of VHS tapes.
    • Individuals using the equipment must abide by all relevant copyright laws.
    • Internet access is not available on the computer being used for this process; however, WiFi access is available for personal devices.
  • How can I reserve a meeting room?

    Each library branch has a Community Room available for patrons to rent for business use, private parties or special events. Community Rooms are available for non-profit use at no charge. Study Rooms can also be reserved at each branch at no cost. 

    Click here for further information or to reserve a room using the online calendar.

    If you need assistance in reserving one of our community rooms, please contact:

    Clark Pleasant Branch Adult Reference at 317-535-6206
    Franklin Branch Adult Reference at 317-738-9711
    Trafalgar Branch Adult Reference at 317-878-9560
    White River Branch Adult Reference 317-885-1330
    Library Services Center 317-738-9835

  • Does JCPL have Downloadable Audiobooks?

    E-audiobooks are available 24/7 to listen to on your computer or your supported device from Hoopla or Libby. Find an e-audiobook, download it to your mobile device and start listening! You can check all e-audiobooks out for up to 21 days.

    Hoopla also offers online movies, music, television, e-books and comics for checkout.

    More information about our e-audiobooks and other digital collections is available on our Stream and Download webpage.

  • Does the library have free Wi-Fi Internet access?

    JCPL’s Wi-Fi service is offered as a courtesy to patrons who choose to use their own equipment. Because of the vast array of wireless cards on the market, JCPL staff will not be able to answer technical questions about your specific card configuration. Please click here for information about JCPL's Public Wireless Internet Access or ask at the Reference Desk for assistance.

    The library cannot guarantee that your equipment will work with the library’s network and is not responsible for any changes you make to your computer’s settings.

  • Does JCPL provide notary services?

    Yes, the Johnson County Public Library provides basic no-charge Notary Services at our Clark Pleasant, Franklin, Trafalgar and White River Branches and the Library Services Center. Please call ahead to make sure the certified staff member is available. Please note: JCPL notaries are not attorneys licensed to practice law in Indiana. JCPL notaries are not allowed to draft legal records, give advice on legal matters, including immigration, or charge a fee for those activities.

    Guidelines for Notary Service

    • Notary service is provided free of charge by the Library.
    • To ensure the notary is available, please call ahead for an appointment. Walk-in service is available but subject to notary availability.
    • Documents to be notarized must be complete. Bring the entire document, not just the page(s) that needs to be signed.
    • Documents in any language other than English will not be notarized.
    • Documents to be notarized must be signed in front of the Notary. Do not sign them beforehand.
    • All people signing the document(s) must be physically present to have their signature notarized.
    • Valid photo identification is required for each person signing the document, including children. The following types of photo IDs are accepted: state-issued driver’s license or ID card, passport or military ID. It needs to be current. Your name on the ID must match the name on the document being notarized.
    • If your document requires witnesses, you will need to bring the witnesses to the notarization. The witnesses must have a valid photo identification. JCPL staff cannot act as witnesses.
    • The Notary may advise you seek legal advice before your documents can be notarized. No one in the library is able to give legal advice, including the Notary.
    • JCPL Notaries do not have the license required to notarize real estate closings or mortgage loans that involve title insurance.
    • Notaries reserve the right to decline service if any of the above guidelines are not met, if there are concerns about the authenticity of the documents, or if the individual(s) signing the documents appear to be unaware of what they are signing or under duress.
  • Does the library offer computer classes?

    The library offers a free appointment service called Book-a-Librarian. Patrons using the Book-a-Librarian service can schedule a one-on-one session with a library staff member in order to receive personalized reference assistance or computer instruction. Topics vary by branch and availability. To request a Book-a-Librarian appointment, call your branch or fill out the online form.

    Patrons may also take free online courses via the library's online instruction service, Gale Courses. Classes begin every month and run for six weeks. Students can log in and complete their course work 24/7 from any Internet-connected computer. Topics include Microsoft applications, web design, and computer programming. To browse the catalog and enroll in a course, visit the Gale Courses homepage. Need a quick refresher? Access video tutorials in Microsoft Office, Photoshop, web design, business, marketing and much more with LinkedIn Learning for Library--just log in with your library card and PIN to start learning.

  • What do I need to do to use JCPL's computers?

    Patrons can use a valid JCPL card or a guest pass to access the public computers.

    To use JCPL's computers:

    • Find an available computer. Please check in at the Welcome Desk if you need a guest pass for the day.

    • On the Welcome Screen, enter your entire library card number without spaces (found on the back of your library card beneath the barcode.) NOTE: It is against library policy to log on with someone else's card. Enter your PIN (the last 4 digits of your library card number, unless you have changed it). Click OK.

    • Read the Computer Use Policy and click "Accept the Policy," if you understand, or "Cancel" if you have questions. Click on the icon at the bottom of the screen to start the desired program or web browser.

    • Each initial session is two hours (120 minutes). The session timer will keep track of your time on the computer and will give you warnings as you get toward the end of your session.

    • If you need more time after the initial duration, your session will automatically refresh for another hour (60 minutes) for the remainder of the day. Please save your work to an online file storage service or on a portable storage device periodically, to prevent data loss. JCPL is not responsible for lost data.

    • If people are waiting to use the computers and your session is over, your computer will be assigned to the next person on the waiting list.

  • How do I pay my fees online?

    Fees can be paid online by accessing your account through our online catalog. Much more information about online payment is available at our Online Payment FAQ.

    The online payment system accepts Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. There is no minimum payment. If you'd like to pay by cash or personal check, please visit your library branch.