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CommUnity Matters is a volunteer team that uplifts our county’s attributes, takes on challenges in our community and collaborates with stakeholders to find opportunities to improve the way we work, live, learn and play. It is the leading community education and engagement forum in Johnson County.

Since its start in 2013, the team has been involved in topics including early childhood education, housing, community engagement, community planning, internet connectivity, public transportation, trails, homelessness, workforce development, promoting career options and communication between residents and government among other topics.

Dedicated volunteers are central to our community development and success. CommUnity Matters welcomes individual volunteers from the community, non-profit organizations and private business sectors. Together, they work to improve our quality of life, better educate our residents and position Johnson County more competitively in the marketplace.

We welcome new volunteers who want to join us for a better Johnson County. If you would like to join the CommUnity Matters team, fill out this form to be invited to our next meeting.

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About CommUnity Matters

Launched in 2013 by Aspire Johnson County, this volunteer team is lauded as one of Indiana's most unique community initiatives and has been recognized by state and national leaders as a model for community betterment. In May 2023, the program leadership was transitioned from Aspire Johnson County to the Johnson County Public Library. The Library’s mission of strengthening the community by connecting people, resources and experiences strategically aligns with the program’s work. JCPL staff have served on the teams volunteering and leading initiatives since the program began.

This program has helped to reach countywide strategic goals in the areas of talent, community engagement and infrastructure. It has made a positive impact on our county and its residents.

Our Past Success