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Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic Guitar

This kit includes one acoustic guitar, one Pyle tuner w/instructions, one guitar strap, two guitar picks, one cleaning cloth, one 3v battery, one JCPL pouch, use guide, and soft case.

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Band in a Box


Little musicians can form a traveling band with this compact wooden music set. Featuring ten fun musical pieces, this quality kit is the perfect way to introduce youngsters to musical play.
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49 Key Keyboard

Electronic Keyboards

Both the 49 and 61 key electronic keyboards are fun for beginner and master musicians.

61 Key Keyboard
Child Glockenspiel


A musical percussion instrument that produces crisp sound to allow you to experience rhythm and harmony. Available for adults and children.Reserve a Glockenspiel

Adult Glockenspiel
Karoake Machine

Karaoke Machine

Sing along to musical favorites with friends and family! This kit includes microphones and Disney/adult sing-along CD sets.
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Kalimba Thumb Piano

This kit includes one Kalimba, a tuning hammer and instruction book.

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Practice Drum Pad

Practice Drum Pad/Digital Drum Pad

The Practice Pad includes one stand, one drum practice pad, one set of drumsticks, and bag.  The Digital Drum Pad includes one Stand, one set of drumsticks, one two-piece gig bag, one user manual and three AAA batteries.


Digital Practice Drum Pad
Tongue Drum

Tongue Drums

The tongue drum is a rich, full-sounding instrument that can be played either with your hands or a pair of rubber mallets.
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Ukulele in case


All JCPL branches now have at least two ukuleles available for you to check out and learn to play with ArtistWorks online, self-paced video lessons.
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