Introducing the SMART Account 

The SMART (Student Multi-Access Resource Tool) Account is your child's free passport to books, databases, magazines, and so much more at the Johnson County Public Library!

How can my child access his or her new virtual account?
Students will be given a unique electronic barcode number consisting of their student ID and a standard prefix.

  • CENTER GROVE: Library Card Number will equal CG +  Student ID Number. Pin Number will equal last four digits of student ID number.
  • CLARK-PLEASANT: Library Card Number will equal CP + Student ID Number. Pin Number will equal last four digits of student ID number.
  • SAINTS FRANCIS & CLARE: Library Card Number will equal SFC0 + Student ID Number. Pin Number will equal last four digits of student ID number.
  • FRANKLIN COLLEGE: Library Card Number will be sent to you via email

If you don't know your SMART account number, please CONTACT US for assistance

What if my child already has a card?
That's great! Your child can have both accounts. They'll be issued a new SMART Account that makes it easier to use their account in the classroom. Their original card will not be replaced.

What does this cost?
Nothing! This account is completely free for students. Since it's a digital-only card, you'll never have due dates to remember.

Can my child use this account to check out print books at the library?
The SMART account is for digital resources only. All students are eligible to get a regular JCPL card to check out physical materials. You can do that here or at any JCPL branch.

Can I use my child's SMART Account?
Parents can get their own JCPL account here. We recommend saving your child's SMART account for materials they'll need for school.

Why are you providing a virtual card instead of a physical library card?
The virtual SMART accounts will be easy to memorize, containing your student’s unique ID number. Since there’s no physical card to keep track of or remember, this will make it easier for students to use the resources.

How will teachers use SMART Accounts in the classroom?
JCPL staff are working with school staff to help integrate these newly accessible materials into the classroom. When all students have a library account, classrooms will more easily access materials available to library patrons on school-issued devices.

What if we don’t live in Johnson County?
All students in participating schools will receive SMART accounts, no matter where they live.

Can I opt-out of this program?
SMART accounts will make it easier for students to access digital resources in the classroom. If you do not want your child to participate in this program, you can opt-out by contacting JCPL’s Assistant Director, Sarah Taylor at or 317-738-9835.