Early Literacy Activity Sheets

Learning to read begins before your child enters school – in fact, it begins at birth! Research shows that the early years, from birth to age five, are crucial in the development of pre-reading skills as well as encouraging a life-long love of reading. As a parent, you are your child’s first and best teacher. Children are born with the love of learning, and you can prepare your child for success!

These activity sheets are free to download, print and use with children in order to help them build a strong foundation of literacy skills. To learn more about the five practices, visit our Early Literacy page.

Talking - Suggested activities and reading

  • Activities - Discuss the colorful pictures of children engaged in various activities
  • Counting - Count objects and match them with the right number
  • Opposites - Match pictures with their opposites
  • Shapes - Match pictures with their outlines
  • Store Visit - Fun activities for kids to try at the grocery store

Singing - Suggested activities and reading

  • 5 Little Ducks - Cut out ducks and act out the song
  • Shaker Eggs - Instructions for making a musical instrument using rice and plastic eggs
  • Song Cube - Make a cube to help decide a song to sing

Reading - Suggested activities and reading

  • 3 Little Pigs - Cut out characters and scenes and act out the story
  • Book Cube - Make a cube full of questions about the book you read together
  • Colors - Learn to identify colors as you read along with your child

Writing - Suggested activities and reading

Playing - Suggested activities and reading

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