Historical Room Policies

Historical Room Collection Development Policy

The purpose of this collection is to bring together library materials and genealogies concerning Johnson County and to make them available for research. Duplicate copies may be placed in the adult collection. The Collection will also house rare and valuable materials considered unsafe on the open shelves.

Gifts and donations are accepted if they are essential to our collection. Unaccepted gifts will be returned, sent to a more appropriate agency, or sold. Local organizations' records stored within the library are property of the library and will be accessible to all users.

  • Primary Goal: To obtain histories of Johnson County, local publications, vital statistics relating to Johnson County, genealogical sources for Johnson County, materials by and about Johnson County authors, Johnson County public records, family histories relating to Johnson County.
  • Secondary Goal: To obtain histories of Indiana, vital statistics relating to Indiana, the Magazine of Indiana History, Indiana Genealogical and Historical Society publications, histories of Indiana counties, and genealogical records of nearby counties.
  • Tertiary Goal: To maintain historical works of significance for Johnson County research such as Records of the War of the Rebellion, Register of Kentucky State Historical Society, Daughters' of the American Revolution publications.

Preservation & Maintenance: Special light covers and window shades will be used to protect materials from ultra-violet rays. Books, shelving and equipment will be cleaned on a regular basis. Materials will be repaired and replaced if possible. Materials may be protected and preserved by any of the following: locked cases with restricted access; acid-free wrappers; restriction of lights from scanners, photocopiers, and filming equipment. All items will be cataloged and protected by a security system. This collection shall be housed separately from the other library holdings and shall be used under the supervision of a librarian. No loans shall be made unless expressly approved by the Library Board of Trustees.

Historical Room Research Guidelines

The Johnson County Public Library will provide limited research assistance for specific questions from materials in the Historical Room. Dates, location, names (with variant spellings) should be specific and legibly written.

In Person: assistance provided as much as possible using available resources; volunteers may be available, call to determine availability

Telephone Research: recommended limit of 5 minutes unless a specific source is requested; the librarian will check the most appropriate source from a list of standard resources after the five minute limit; the request can be treated as mail research

Mail Research: recommended limit of 30 minutes unless a specific source is requested; the librarian will check the most appropriate source from a list of standard resources no more than 25 sheets will be sent; self-addressed stamped business envelope must be enclosed

Fees: no fee for research by staff or volunteers; photocopying charges $.10 per sheet; minimum fee of $1.00 for photocopies; postage may be charged if not covered by the minimum fee; fax service fees dependent on location

In-depth Research: library staff cannot perform in-depth research, however the library maintains a list of local people who perform research; a fee may be charged and is negotiated by the user and the researcher

Historical Room Public Use Guidelines

All users must register. By registering, users agree to adhere to Historical Room Use Policy and Procedures.
Access is granted to persons age 14 and above. Children under 14 years of age may enter the room to use materials when they are supervised by an adult.

The library reserves the right to inspect all personal property when people leave the room
Smoking, food and drink are prohibited in the Historical Room.


Johnson County Public Library does not appraise old books.
The Board of Trustees of the Johnson County Public Library reserves the right to give final approval of all material discarded from the Historical Room collection.

Copyright Law

The copyright law of the United States (Title 17, United States Code) governs the reproduction, distribution, adaptation, public performance, and public display of copyrighted material.
The Johnson County Public Library neither grants nor denies permission to reproduce materials from its collections.