National Poetry Month

Here is a great list of books and documentaries celebrating National Poetry Month suggested by Suzie at our Clark Pleasant Branch. 


"Dream Work" - Mary Oliver (Hoopla)
Mary Oliver’s collection of poetry concentrating on the solitary aspects and community connections that aid in deepening self-awareness of one’s current world.

"Library of Small Catastrophes" - Alison. C. Rollins (RBdigital)
Alison C. Rollins debut collection exploring how the personal library of collective history and current American culture clash to challenge the status quo.

"Maya Angelou: And Still I Rise" – Documentary (Kanopy)
Using rare and never-before-seen archival footage this documentary follows Maya Angelou’s life highlighting her career as a performer and activist for the Civil Rights movement to eventually become one of the most celebrated African-American poets and writers to come out of the 20th century.

"Milk and Honey" - Rupi Kaur (Hoopla)
A poetry and prose collection focusing on love, loss, and finding the sweetness of life even in the most bitter moments.

"Sad Birds Still Sing" – Faraway (cloudLibrary)
ritten by the anonymous author Faraway, this collection centers on the depth of the human condition and self-discovery while providing a message of hope and emotional validation.

"Write Down, I am an Arab" – Documentary (Kanopy)
This documentary tells the story of Mahmound Darwish, a Palestinian national poet whose writing shaped Palestinian identity and inspired national liberation.