A Better Library Builds a Stronger Community.

On December 2, 2019, the Johnson County Council approved our request for funding for the Clark Pleasant Branch Project.   We are excited to be able to expand and improve on the way we carry out our mission in the New Whiteland and Whiteland areas in the years to come. 

Our vision is to…

Create a community center which champions learning.
Improve visibility and usability in the community.
Facilitate multi-generational and cultural connection.

New Location Announcement

We're very excited to announce the location of the new Clark Pleasant Branch. We've completed the purchase of property on the east side of US-31, just south of Whiteland Road in the Town of Whiteland. We'll continue to offer services at our current location on Tracy Road in New Whiteland as the design and construction process continues through 2020 and 2021.

To learn more about what a 21st century library can offer and share your wish list for the new branch, please join us on Tuesday, May 26 for a Design Conversation with our architectural team.

Register for either of the sessions and you'll receive a Zoom link prior to the event. The same information will be presented at both sessions.

Register for Tuesday, May 26 - 2:00 pm

Register for Tuesday, May 26 - 7:00 pm


Plan for Proposed Clark Pleasant Branch Project


Infographic for the project

Provides a snapshot of the plan and its impact on our community


Plan for Proposed Clark Pleasant Branch Project

Provides detailed analysis of growing community needs, timeline for projects, breakdown of costs and the future of JCPL