Volunteering Details

Volunteer Program Overview

The purpose of the Volunteer Program is to provide an opportunity to extend Library services in the community through the involvement of citizens who have an active interest in helping the Library. The Volunteer Program is a resource to the Library that provides valuable services to meet the needs of the customers, while allowing individuals the opportunity to contribute to their community in a manner that is meaningful to them.

The Library Volunteer Coordinator serves as the manager for volunteers working in all Library locations. The Coordinator has the overall responsibility for the development and management of the Volunteer Program. This includes recruitment, screening, assignment, orientation, training, recognition, and evaluation. Each Library location has a Volunteer Liaison. This liaison is responsible for assigning volunteer tasks and schedules. They communicate with the Volunteer Coordinator and the Volunteer Supervisor.

Each volunteer is assigned to a supervisor. A partnership is created between the volunteer and supervisor to ensure good working relations and communication. It is the responsibility of the supervisor to provide on-the-job training and serve as a direct link between the volunteer and the rest of the staff.

Ethical Standards

Johnson County Public Library volunteers, as well as employees, are committed to the highest of ethical standards in our business practices. Our volunteers and our employees are dedicated to a set of core values that have been chosen to guide our mission. These values, which direct decision-making at all levels within our organization, include honesty, stewardship, respect, responsibility, service and excellence.

A continual educational process on the usage of the core values is provided to all volunteers and employees, and as a volunteer, you are asked to uphold these values in your volunteer job responsibilities. Core values are the principles that guide ethical behavior, and the resulting ethical behavior touches the lives of many. It is this effect on our community, our organization, and each one of us that places core values at the heart of life at the Johnson County Public Library.

Volunteer Selection

Background checks are an important aspect of the selection process to promote a safe environment for you as a volunteer as well as for employees and visitors to the Library, to protect organizational assets such as people, property and information and to ascertain suitability for a volunteer assignment. Therefore, the Johnson County Public Library conducts the following type of background checks:

  • Criminal History Check

All volunteer applicants eighteen (18) years or older are required to undergo a criminal history check as a condition of assignment. Having a criminal history of criminal conviction will not automatically preclude placement. The nature of the offense and its relevance to the particular volunteer assignment will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Those individuals who contract with the Johnson County Public Library to perform, entertain or instruct children under the age of eighteen (18) shall be subject to criminal history check. In addition, all applicants for employment with the Johnson County Public Library shall be subject to criminal history checks.

  • Motor Vehicle Record Check

The Bureau of Motor Vehicles makes driving record information available online through Access Indiana to determine a volunteer or employment applicant’s driving record and status. Any individuals accepting volunteer assignments that require operation of a motor vehicle will be required to undergo motor vehicle checks.

Orientation and Training

A volunteer is a representative of the Library and it is important that every volunteer represent it properly. All volunteers are required to read the Volunteer Handbook in its entirety prior to beginning their volunteer placement. Each volunteer will participate in an orientation to the Library at which time any questions or concerns about the guidelines, policies, or procedures contained herein should be directed to the staff member providing orientation or to the Volunteer Coordinator before placement.

The assigned service area supervisor will provide on-the-job training. The amount and type of training depends upon the skill required to perform the specific assignment and the skill and expertise the volunteer brings to the program. If as a volunteer, you feel you need additional training, please do not hesitate to inform your supervisor.

Tax Deductions

Volunteers may deduct unreimbursed expenditures made incident to the rendering of services to a qualifying organization, such as units of government and certain non-profit groups. Examples of deductible expenses include automobile mileage and meals. Items that may not be deducted include the value of volunteer time. A complete description of federal deductions for volunteers can be found in IRS Publication #526 Deductions for Charitable Contributions.

If you have any questions about the above information, please contact Human Resources Manager Amber Turner by phone (317-738-9835) or email (aturner@jcplin.org)