Bicentennial History Quest presented by CommUnity Matters
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Bicentennial History Quest

Celebrate 200 Years of Johnson County History Sep 1 - 30

  • Visit historical sites at your own pace.
  • Track your visits & earn points anytime in September.
  • Finish the Quest, and you could win a bicentennial-themed prize basket.
  • Download the Actionbound app and search for "Bicentennial History Quest" or access the Paper Version here. 
  • Preload the bound to your device.
  • Agree to the terms and enter a name for yourself, your family or a group.
  • Please be sure to add your name(s), email address and phone number before you begin. Read and watch the Introduction for the full details!
  • Complete an activity ("Take a Selfie", "Mission: Feedback" or "Quiz") at each location in the app to earn points.
  • If you complete at least ten quiz questions/activities, you'll have a chance at winning the prize basket!
  • Bicentennial Quest prizes, t-shirt with candles and a book
  • You don't have to complete all of the stops, but you will need to tap "FINISH BOUND" when you're done to be counted in our results. OR, turn in your finished paper version of the Quest to any JCPL Branch by October 7, 2023.
Last Step,  Please Read: Finish Bound

Please Contact Us if you have any questions.