Children are born loving music! Your preschooler might even have a favorite song.

Music is one of the best methods for learning in early childhood development. Research shows that kids who are actively involved in music, either playing, singing, or dancing regularly, do better in math and reading when they start school, are more easily able to focus on tasks, and have more control over their bodies. To get the full benefits of music, children need to do more than just listen - make sure to sing, clap along, or play musical instruments.

One of the simplest things you can do is put on some music and dance with your child! Read More

Experts also recommend variety in your child's musical library. Variety exposes them to different styles, and it may even help them learn better. Do you need something else to sing to your little one besides “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star?” Have you heard “Let It Go” one too many times? The library can help!

Our Children's Librarians listen to a variety of children's musicians to find songs we love to share during storytimes.

Here's some of our favorites, all available from JCPL. Put the CD on in the car to listen to something new on a road trip, play it at home for a dance party, or listen to some music while you eat dinner together. You'll be singing, clapping, dancing, and learning together!

Putumayo Kids - These compilations were created to introduce children to music from cultures around the world. Want to dance? Try Asheba's “No More Monkeys” from the CD, Animal Playground.

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Jim Gill - Gill's songs are catchy and great for dancing, and if you've attended a storytime, there's a good chance that you've already heard some of his songs. Try “I Took a Bath in the Washing Machine” on his CD, The Sneezing Song and Other Contagious Tunes.

Laurie Berkner - Laurie Berkner is another storytime favorite. Her songs get kids singing and dancing. Try “Pig on Her Head” on the CD, Buzz Buzz.

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For the Kids - These three CDs include some great songs for kids by Cake, Sarah McLachlan, Tom Waits, and other artists who typically create music for adults. Try “The Other Day I Met a Bear” by Barenaked Ladies on For the Kids Three.

Caspar Babypants - Adults may know Mr. Babypants better as Chris Ballew, a member of the alternative band, The Presidents of the United States of America, but his music for children is great. Try “Stompy the Bear” on his CD, Hot Dog!

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Ralph's World - This musical group, created by Ralph Covert, includes lots of high-energy songs with kid-friendly lyrics just perfect for singing and dancing. Try “Freddy Bear the Teddy Bear” from his first CD, Ralph's World.

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They Might Be Giants - TMBG have several great CDs for kids. Their songs are fun, educational, and won't drive you crazy in the car. Try “Electric Car” from their CD, Here Comes Science.

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Elizabeth Mitchell - This Smithsonian Folkways folk artist is perfect if you're looking for something a little bit quieter. Have a baby or a toddler? Try “Who's My Pretty Baby” from her CD, You Are My Little Bird.

Sesame Street Old School - Take a walk down memory lane with these classic Sesame Street tunes. You can't go wrong with “C is for Cookie” or “Rubber Duckie” from Volume 1.

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The Johnson County Public Library Children's Staff